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Existing Customers

For anything concerning your existing account, contact your personal account manager that you were introduced to upon signup. This may include:

  • Any problems with your account
  • Targeting changes
  • If you require consulting for your growth
  • To speed up your results
  • Any questions you may have
  • And much more...

General Support

For general inquiries, questions or concerns, email [email protected] for assistance

Agencies & Bulk Orders

For custom packages and deals, please email [email protected] and your inquiry will be forwarded to the correct department.


Cancellations may take up to 24 hours to process. To cancel your plan, email us at [email protected] and let us know:

  • The reason you want to cancel (so we can collect feedback for improvement or possibly resolve your issue)
  • Your Instagram username

Special Requests Or Complicated Questions

Book a call with our general support team!

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