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We will help you find your audience and grow your Instagram account with real, targeted followers. No spam, no bots, and no fake followers – just real Instagram growth.


Find your real fans with UpRell

Create an Account
Create an Account
Setting up our Instagram growth service takes less than 5 minutes. Can we let the results speak for themselves? Absolutely. Seven days later, you can expect top-notch results and targeted, real Instagram followers.
Find Similar Profiles
Find Similar Profiles
UpRell’s growth service is geared towards your niche. We focus on targeting users who are genuinely interested in your brand and what you have to offer!
Grow Your Instagram
Grow Your Instagram
After we've carefully selected the users who are most likely to connect with your Instagram profile, it's time to grow your following! Because UpRell connects you with people who have similar interests and content, your following is guaranteed to grow!

What makes UpRell your Best Instagram Growth Solution?

Targeted Approach

1. Fast & Easy

Setting up with us takes only 5 minutes and will put you on the road to Instagram fame!

Grab Attention

2. Targeted Approach

UpRell wants to help you build authentic and lasting connections with your future followers! We exclusively target and engage with real people and active accounts that are relevant to your brand.

Profile or Brand Exposure

3. Grab Attention

Because we have identified your target audience, the hard work starts. UpRell will begin strategically following those targeted accounts and all of this is done while keeping up with Instagram's Terms of Service to ensure your account is completely safe.

Grow Your Reach and Influence

4. Get Exposure

This is where the fun starts! With our efforts and strategic persistence, you will see increased traffic and followers from your target audience to your Instagram profile and content.

Who Uses UpRell?

Instagram Influencers
Instagram Influencers
You know the game and how it works! Let's team up and take you to the next level and ensure you are maximizing your reach.
Bring your clients. We can help establish brand awareness and grow with real and interested followers. Did you want to offer social media growth as a service? Let's Talk!
Quit spending money on old-school advertising. Get more ROI from your product or service by connecting with real people who can become real buyers.
New Accounts
New Accounts
Just getting started on the gram? We love new accounts! Sometimes they are the best accounts to work with. A clean slate is always a pleasure to work on.
Who has time to run their Instagram when they are constantly creating fantastic content? Let us handle your IG audience while you focus on the brand.
Social Media Managers
Social Media Managers
Very few businesses can survive without social media today. Don't allocate time on things you don't specialize in. Let us grow your account while you grow your business.

Start your Real Instagram Growth Today!

IG Individual

Attract the right followers to your profile with UpRell’s powerful growth machine. Ideal for personal Instagram profiles. Expect 300 to 500 new targeted followers each month & get access to useful tools and insights!
$ 97 / month
cancel anytime
  • Schedule Interactions on your Profile
  • Location Targeting
  • Hashtag Targeting
  • Competitor Targeting
  • Utilize Advanced Insights & Analytics
  • Standard Client Support

IG Business

Work with your personal account manager to strategize and grow your account by reaching targeted followers that are interested in your content! Reach high-level growth with 800+ new followers to help you reach your market on Instagram.
$ 177 / month
cancel anytime
  • All from the first plan +
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Profile Optimization Report
  • Hashtag Strategy Report
  • Accelerated Growth
  • Priority 24/7 Support

About UpRell

We are Instagram users. We know what it is like not to have any real options to grow your Instagram legitimately. Some profiles have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers, while others struggle to get over a hundred. It turns out most of the competition was purchasing fake, botted followers. This puts your profile at risk, as it is clearly against Instagram's Terms of Service. Why risk it?

There is a better way. That is why we created UpRell. We became experts in what gets results and how the Instagram algorithm works. The key is interactive and compliant growth activities. Try us and see the difference!

Learn more about UpRell

Watch this 1 minute video that explains exactly what UpRell can do for you!


Frequently Asked Questions

During the first week, you will see a surge in followers! At the end of the week, the number will continue to grow even more, provided you decide to remain!

Instagram requires constant activity. You neither have the time or resources to constantly be engaged. Therefore, we handle all the time-consuming and mundane tasks. We will engage with the audience that you have identified on your UpRell dashboard to encourage your target audience to follow your account. In addition, we will follow some accounts and, if necessary, unfollow them over time. Of the thousands of targeted accounts and posts we interact with, a small, but high quality percentage, will become your followers.

We engage with a large number of real users who are interested in your specific niche and page. Once the connection is established, all of the users will be unfollowed, unless you want certain people to stay.

No. If your account has a negative history, bought followers, use of bots, it’s likely suppressed by Instagram. With such accounts, it takes us longer to regain Instagram’s trust, but it is possible. If you have a clean account, we are confident in our ability to get results quickly. The biggest factor is that you are posting high-quality content to your account and engaging with our audience.

As a social media marketing agency, we have never had an account locked or suspended as a result of our activities. Think of us as your virtual marketing team that lets you focus on more important things. Since we are performing our activities like you should, we are compliant with Instagram, unlike many of our competitors.

Great question! When you open an account, we will ask you to send us target accounts, competitors, and preferred hashtags that correspond to your account. By only targeting the users who meet that criteria, they should be interested in the content that you post, which will lead to more traffic, engagement, sales, or leads. Though, keep in mind that you are responsible for consistently posting great content.

Yes. We need these credentials to help manage your account on your behalf. Rest assured, we will not share your password with anyone. Your password is stored in our encrypted database, so even our staff cannot see or decipher your password. We take the security of your account very seriously. Our agency currently manages hundreds of Instagram accounts.

Our monthly plans will bill you every month from the date you signed up.

You can cancel at any time and we will not charge you the next month.

We respectfully request that we be allowed to finish the current month of activities so that we can have a clean endpoint without any further transactions needed.

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Contact us with any questions or to setup a consultation to discuss how we can help grow your Instagram profile grow with real, targeted and meaningful Instagram followers.

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Thousands of satisfied customers

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Flexible pricing plans